Divided Cities

Governing Diversity

Annika Björkdahl, Lisa Strömbom

The analyses offer a fascinating and dynamic in-case and cross-case comparison of diverse cities located in consolidated, consolidating, and unconsolidated democracies. […]  Because of the comprehensive theoretical approach that takes into consideration the interactions of major stakeholders across urban societies […] the chapters offer empirical evidence of strategic conflict resolution and subsequent lessons to address contested issues in divided cities.

A. E. Wohlers, Cameron University. CHOICE Feb 2016

Very rarely has peace and conflict studies been combined with public administration research. Divided Cities – Governing Diversity brings together theories from conflict resolution, public administration, and urban studies to present new theoretical and empirical insights from nine in-depth case studies.

The authors employ the city as a prism to shed light on the complex, multidimensional processes of conflict, segregation, democratization, and governance. They use the city as a diagnostic site for exploring the role of public administration and civil servants in resolving contested issues in divided societies.

The researchers analyse nine multifaceted cases: Toronto, Copenhagen, Malmö, Mostar, Cape Town, Belfast, Jerusalem, Nicosia and Mitrovica – all cities at different stages of conflict and stability and with disparate legacies. The contributors map the tools, strate­gies, and understandings of conflict resolution to be found in each city, and in so doing break new empirical and theoretical ground.

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Annika Björkdahl

Webbsida: http://www.svet.lu.se/en/annika-bjorkdahl

Lisa Strömbom

Webbsida: http://www.svet.lu.se/lisa-strombom

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TitelDivided Cities: Governing Diversity
FörfattareAnnika Björkdahl, Lisa Strömbom (eds.)
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