Modernisation and Tradition

European Local and Manorial Societies 1500-1900

Kerstin Sundberg, Tomas Germundsson, Kjell Hansen

Modernisation and Tradition focuses on a critical analysis of transformations in manorial and local societies. The authors discuss the topic in terms of modernistation and tradition in a long-term perspective, and they are especially interested in exploring the connection between the micro-individual perspectives and the macro-societal level. These themes are discussed from interdisciplinary aspects such as historical, ethnological, geographical, and arthistorical viewpoints.

The authors contributing to Modernisation and Tradition are scholars from Denmark, Germany and Sweden who participated in a symposium held by the inter-disciplinary project “People-Power-Modernity. Scanian milieus from the high middle ages up to now”. This book is a result of further studies initiated at the symposium.

Modernisation and Tradition
TitelModernisation and Tradition: European Local and Manorial Societies 1500-1900
FörfattareKerstin Sundberg, Tomas Germundsson, Kjell Hansen (red.)
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Storlek144x221 mm
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