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Nordic Academic Press — works for informed discussion

Nordic Academic Press (NAP) was founded in 1997, and specialises in a few, clearly defined areas.

  • NAP provides a channel for Swedish and Nordic scholars who want to publish their work in Swedish for a Nordic/Scandinavian readership, or in English for an international circle of readers.
  • NAP produces books of highest quality that speak to a specific audience and also can be enjoyed by a wider readership.
  • NAP provides an expert network of distributors in and beyond the Nordic countries.

NAP is represented internationally by Gazelle Book Services and IPG Academic & Professional Publishing both of which specialise in scholarly and educational books as well as specific trade bookshops such as museums. Gazelle Book Services, based in Lancaster in the UK, has a global distribution network concentrated on the British and European markets; IPG is based in Chicago and focuses mainly on the North and South American markets. As of June 2018 we have teamed up with EBSCO Information Services to enhance our e-book distribution, especially to academic libraries and institutions.

NAP books are stocked and distributed by Förlagssystem in Sweden, and internationally by Gazelle and IPG. Our books can be ordered through all standard databases, Google Play, offline and online booksellers, and our website. We are also partner of Google Books so our titles and books’ keywords and content and can be found through their search engines.

Nordic Academic Press became an independent publishing house in January 2018. Our backlist is up to around 230 titles today with a strong focus on the humanities – history, anthropology, ethnology, archaeology, classical studies, literature and linguistics – with additional works in related disciplines such as political studies, sociology, art- and gender studies. The authors and editors can be found on all Swedish universities and also here and there throughout the Nordic countries.

Our offices are in central Lund, close to the university. We publish around twenty new titles a year, and pride ourselves on producing books of the highest quality — the best scholarship, clearly expressed, in an elegant layout and graphic expression.

For further information please contact us at:

Nordic Academic Press

PO Box 148, SE-221 00 Lund, Sweden