Jenny Gunnarsson Payne

Jenny Gunnarsson Payne currently works as a lecturer and researcher in Ethnology at Södertörn University. She completed her PhD-thesis Systerskapets logiker: En etnologisk studie av feministiska fanzines (The Logics of Sisterhood: An Ethnological Study of Feminist Zines) in 2006. She has published a number of articles on the thematic of feminist movement media (zines, blogs, alternative film- and television). Her current research project is an investigation into cross-border reproductive care between Sweden and the Baltic States. Gunnarsson Payne’s research interests include discourse studies, feminist and gender theory, the study of political movements, and alternative media production, as well as cultural and political perspectives on new reproductive technologies.


Tracking Discourses

Politics, Identity and Social Change

Annika Egan Sjölander, Jenny Gunnarsson Payne (eds.)

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