Animals and Humans

Recurrent symbiosis in archaeology and Old Norse religion

Kristina Jennbert

Animals have always been an important part of the human life-world, and they stand out as significant forces in the Old Norse mythology – here they became imaginary creatures with strong characters. In Animals and Humans archaeologist Kristina Jennbert explores the relationship between animals and humans in Scandinavia from Roman Iron Age to the Viking Period.

Real animals and fantastical creatures in Midgard became mouthpieces for human characteristics and reflections of people’s social position. Animals were of great importance in everyday life and in rituals and as metaphors in social identity and in power relations. In the course of time, however, the human view has changed, and nature has increasingly been subjected to humans.

Through her detailed analysis Jennbert raises questions about the boundary between human and animal, as well as about our ethical and moral precedence.

TitelAnimals and Humans: Recurrent symbiosis in archaeology and Old Norse religion
FörfattareKristina Jennbert
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Kristina Jennbert

Kristina Jennbert

Kristina Jennbert är professor i arkeologi vid Lunds universitet. Så här formulerar hon själv sitt val av forskningsområde: Jag fastnade för arkeologi redan på 1970-talet när vi studenter seminariegrävde ute i Ulamossen vid Vikhög. På sommaren grävde vi en stenåldersboplats i Ageröds mosse. Arkeologi facinerar. Inte bara det praktiska arbetet utan också de teoretiska perspektiven.  Läs mer »

Animals and Humans

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